Lush by Le’Esscience- I’m so happy to be able to support another fantastic New Zealand business and Gillian is an absolute pro with her essential oil blends, I’ve been using them for years!

The Lush Roller is perfect for those irritable moments when you just want to calm down quick!  Uplifting and happy, the perfect pick me up. You will be aahhhhh in no time!

Four beautiful essential oils including Petitgrain & Orange, so cheery and uplifting – exquisite….

Use as and when required –

This blend is safe to use if you are pregnant, suffer from high or low blood pressure, epilepsy or have kidney conditions. Essential Oil blends are for external use only.

Aromatherapy blends have a cumulative effect, the longer you use them, the better they get!

Remedy Rollers come in convenient 10ml glass roller ball bottles.  Remedy Rollers contain a more concentrated blend than the regular essential oil body blends. Shelf life is approx. 12months if stored away from heat and direct sunlight. These are not suitable for babies, toddlers or children.

Le’Esscience was formed in 2010 by qualified Clinical Aromascience Practitioner, Gillian Parkinson, who is professionally recognised by regulatory bodies NZQA, IFPA & ITEC. Gillian has undertaken 770+ hours training which included 360 hours of case studies.

Be reassured that all products developed and handmade by Gillian are within her scope and adhere to the ‘Best Practice Standards and Code of Ethics’ of the Qualified Aromatherapy community worldwide. This means only using essential oils topically, correctly selected and diluted for age range and condition treating, also by various inhalation methods. Use ONLY as directed.


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