Who we are.

Kia Ora, I’m Laura, Creator of Little Wing Designs. Originally from the UK but now happy to call Christchurch New Zealand my home, where I live with my kiwi husband and two daughters.

Little Wing Designs is my passion project, originating back in 2014 as a creative outlet for me. It has evolved over time from glass dome jewellery, to mandala designed jewellery and artwork to the crystal jewellery and products it is today.

‘Little Wing Designs’ is a nod to my late dad, who is my creative inspiration and who I lost to cancer back in 2010, ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix was his all time favourite song. 

Reiki charged crystal jewellery

Crystals absorb and release their unique properties and energy continually so it’s important to cleanse and clear them regularly to maximize their effectiveness.

As a certified reiki practitioner it is important to me that each jewellery piece is cleared of negative energy and then filled with the beautiful healing energy of reiki before being sent to it’s new home. Find out more about reiki and it’s benefits by hitting the link below.

Honouring my ancestors

Having spent the last year researching my own family tree and lineage I feel passionate about honouring those who have come before us (that’s mum and dad in the picture).

My creative pieces are an acknowledgement of my ancestors from Britain, India and Ireland..

What we do differently:

  • All crystals are consciously sourced, this is a work in progress and I strive to use wholesalers who ethically source their crystals.
  • I’m happy to be able to support a small wholesale business in Rishikesh India by purchasing some beads and hand made malas. This company helps women and their families living below the poverty line to make a wage.
  • Mala and bracelet jewellery pouches are also sourced from a small family business in India that use recycled sari silk.
  • Packaged as minimally and sustainably as possible, using recycled bubble wrap, cardboard packaging and recycled courier bags.