What is Reiki and how does it benefit me?

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✨”宇宙即我、即我宇宙 uchū ware soku, ware soku uchū”
“I am in the universe; the universe is in me USUI MIKAO”✨

Reiki, (pronounced Ray-key) is a system of natural healing involving the laying-on of hands, it works with Ki/Chi, or life-force energy.

All people on earth throughout history have known about the invisible force that seems to keep things alive and going. It was understood that some kind of energy was flowing around, through, and within all living things. In India they called it Prana, the Chinese called it Chi, the Japanese called it Ki, the Hawaiians called it Huna, etc.

This energy was studied by shamans, medicine men/women, yoga masters and other energy practitioners, and most of the esoteric sects of religions. Reiki is one of such energy works.

Mikao Usui, a Japanese man, after studying many disciplines such as Buddhism and various Japanese and Chinese shamanic religions, put together an energy healing system in the early 1920’s and called it Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho (Usui Method of Reiki Healing).

Usui’s desire was not to keep it secreted away as an obscure practice, nor did he want it to be owned wholly or in part by his family. Reiki’s founder recognized that Reiki was so important and timely that it was for the entire world.

Reiki is unique in its simplicity, it is extremely safe with a “do no harm” philosophy. Other therapies claim similar effects to Reiki and whilst this is indeed true in that they carry similar energetic principles that aim to stimulate the bodies energy to flow, they often require a more detailed knowledge of physiology and anatomy, precise techniques and awareness of contra-indications. Reiki requires none of these, it is such a beautiful and gentle healing modality.


Why use Reiki?

It is understandable that more and more people in the world are seeking to find more natural and alternative therapies, Reiki can provide this solution as an extremely gentle and non intrusive modality.

It can be used in any situation, from emergency units to hospices, at home for babies or for the elderly and can be used in combination with more mainstream treatments and therapies. In fact research shows that cancer patients who use Reiki alongside chemotherapy or radiation (or other medical treatments) show a marked improvement in treatment results.


How does Reiki work?

In person Reiki treatments are given by the practitioner placing their hands in a number of easily learnt positions on the body and allowing the free flow of reiki energy to pass through. Reiki is a channelling of energy (Distance reiki is another story and I will address this in a separate blog post).

Reiki training allows one to take in and pass on a bigger bulk of energy at a time, especially that of the highest vibration that a body can absorb. This high vibration energy enters the practitioners body through the crown chakra and moves through the practitioner, dispelling blocks and negativity from themselves while being channelled through to the recipient. Since this is channelled energy it never drains the practitioner, in fact the more they give the more is received.

What does Reiki do?

Each and every reiki treatment is different and unique, every person recieving the treatment will experience something different. Many report a warm feeling or tingling, often deep relaxation. Whatever the individuals experience the general beneficial effect is the same, with the recipient receiving the exact amount of energy that they need.

Reiki energy is an energy that is perfectly balanced and many practitioners report that reiki has a consciousness of its own. There are no contra-indications and no risk of over stimulation, reiki regulates itself to the recipient making it extremely safe to practice.


To quote William Rand’s definiteion of Reiki

1. The ability to perform Reiki comes from receiving an attunement, rather than developing the ability over time or through the use of meditation exercises.

2. All Reiki techniques are part of a lineage, meaning the technique has been passed from teacher to student through an attunement process, starting with the one who first channelled the technique.

Reiki does not require that one guides the energy with the mind, as it is guided with a higher power that knows how and where it is needed.

4. Reiki can do no harm.