Awaken your third eye chakra with our Ajna Chakra bracelet, featuring intuitive and calming gemstones. This bracelet is meticulously crafted with Amethyst, known for its spiritual properties and ability to enhance intuition, Lepidolite, to promote calmness and balance emotions, and Moonstone, for intuition and new beginnings.

The bracelet is adorned with a sterling silver tag engraved with the Ajna chakra symbol, representing intuition, insight, and imagination. This symbol serves as a reminder to trust your inner wisdom and seek clarity in your life.

Wear this bracelet to enhance your intuition, deepen your spiritual awareness, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and insight in your life

Hand made to order bracelet featuring 8mm crystal beads, elasticated for a more flexible fit. Note as each bracelet is made to order, crystal beads may vary slightly in colour from that shown in the picture, this makes each piece as unique as the wearer. This healing crystal bracelet is finished with sterling silver spacers and a sterling silver charm.

Your crystal bracelet will be cleansed and filled with healing reiki energy.

Available in 16/17/18/19cm please note this refers to the inside measurement of the bracelet. If you prefer a different size please leave me a note at checkout!

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Ships New Zealand and Australia only, 3-5 days, for international shipping please visit my Etsy shop.

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18cm, 16cm, 19cm, 20cm, will leave size at checkout, 17cm


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