‘Dharma’ Mini Mala – a harmonious blend of tranquility and elegance.

This 72-bead mini mala features exquisite morganite beads, complemented by the earthy charm of crazy lace agate and the soothing aroma of sandalwood. At its heart lies a stunning pink lepidolite double-terminated point, serving as a guru bead, symbolizing spiritual growth and balance.

Embrace the serenity of ‘Dharma’ and elevate your meditation practice with this unique and beautifully crafted mini mala.

What is a Mala? A Mala or Mala beads, also known as Japa malas or meditation beads, have been around since the 8th century BC. With origins in India and meaning garland in Sanskrit “mala” were the predecessor to the Catholic rosary and other types of prayer beads. The word “Japa” in Sanskrit means repeating.

In a traditional mala the beads are made from rudraksha seeds, which come from several species of large evergreen trees associated with the Hindu deity Shiva. Traditionally comprising of 108 beads the mala is intended to be used to count when repeating a mantra or intention while meditating.

As a reiki practitioner your beads will be cleansed and filled with healing reiki energy

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