Mandalas – My journey with these sacred circles


Mandala's - My journey with these Sacred circles


I’ve been in love with mandalas for many years now, there’s always been something about the creative process of drawing them that has really spoken to me. My original intention back in 2014 was to draw mandalas for my glass cabochon jewellery, which i did quite successfully. Little did I know I was missing out on a whole aspect of mandalas I didn’t yet understand.

When I put my hand made jewellery business to one side later in 2016, so disappeared my desire to draw. It’s only been since I relaunched Little Wing Designs last April that my interest and ‘Mandala mojo’ has resurfaced.

This time I have used them in my designs on their own, as prints, cards, downloads and on jewellery and also incorporated them into collaborative designs such as ‘dandelion mandala’ and my ‘Hands and heart’ collection.

This week I took part in an online mandala workshop by Sarah Vassella. It was such a wonderful learning experience for me, I learned so much more about the visioning and meditative aspects of mandalas, which is something I had started to pick up on when I was involved in the process of drawing them.

She talked about infusing an intention into the mandala by taking a few minutes before starting, to connect to self, tune into your breath and accept and allow any symbols to come through. Sometimes these might now seem logical in any way but this is the process of accepting ideas and messages from the soul.

During this process in the workshop I saw the symbols of a leaf and feather and felt the guidance of drawing freely with my heart and not my head. There is unlimited guidance from the soul/higher self to trust these messages, so set an intention, feel the energy and the mandala will hold this energy.

This is such a beautiful and enlightening experience and a lovely practice if you feel like you want to meditate but traditional meditation just doesn’t suit you. Drawing mandala’s can be a meditative practice that literally anyone can do and for my next post i’ll be sharing the way that I go about drawing my mandalas.

I really hope you’ve found this blog interesting and informative and if you have enjoyed it I would love it if you could leave a comment.

Laura xx

My mandala I drew from the workshop
Mandala stainless steel pendant

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