The Seven Chakras

the seven chakras

Rooted in ancient Hindu philosophy, the concept of Chakras finds it’s earliest mention in the Upanishads, a collection of ancient Hindu texts that explore profound philosophical and spiritual concepts.

The term ‘chakra’ literally translating to ‘wheel’ depicts the ancient perception of these energy centres as spinning wheels. While the colour, size and location of the chakras vary from philosophy to philosophy, chakras are simply cycles of energy that exist in the auric field of all humans. An embodiment of certain aspects of our consciousness.

In the realm of holistic healing and spiritual wellness, the concept of chakras plays a profound role. These energy centers, rooted in ancient Indian traditions, are believed to be crucial for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Each chakra is associated with specific qualities, colors, elements, and even yoga poses and crystals.

Despite the ancient belief in hundreds or even thousands of chakras, modern focus narrows them down to seven main ones, extending from the spine’s base to the crown, working together to regulate the energetic body.

chakra diagram

The Seven Chakras are-

🤍 Crown – Sahasrara
💜 Third eye – Ajna
💙 Throat – Vishuddha
💚 Heart – Anahata
💛 Solar Plexus – Manipura
🧡 Sacral – Svadhisthana
❤️ Root – Muladhara

✨Chakra colours are fluid, mirroring the ever-changing landscape of human emotions. Symbolised by powerful circles resembling lotus flowers, each chakra carries a unique symbol and color, symbolising our infinite connection to the divine

muladhara, root chakra

Muladhara: The Root Chakra

  • Color: Red
  • Location: Base of the spine
  • Qualities: Stability, grounding, safety
  • Associated Mudra: Thumb to index finger
  • Yoga Poses: Tadasana, Mountain Pose, Child’s Pose
  • Crystals: Red Jasper, Onyx, Smokey Quartz

This energy center is located at the base of the spine and is all about stability, roots, and a sense of belonging, echoing themes of family, ancestry, and finding your place in the world. 🌍💖

When Muladhara is out of balance, feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, and anxiety may arise. It’s time to reconnect with the Earth and realign your energies!

The symbol associated with Muladhara is a four-petaled lotus flower, representing the four aspects of consciousness: mind, intellect, consciousness, and ego. 🌸

Muladhara reminds you to embrace the journey of self-discovery, find your roots, and anchor yourself in the present moment. 🌳✨

svadhistana, the sacral chakra

Svadisthana: The Sacral Chakra

  • Color: Orange
  • Location: Lower abdomen
  • Qualities: Creativity, pleasure, joy
  • Associated Mudra: Hands in lap, left under right
  • Yoga Poses: Pigeon Pose, Cat-Cow Pose
  • Crystals: Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, Pink Aventurine

‘Svadisthana’ or the Sacral Chakra! Vibrant orange hues ignite your creativity and joy! 🧡

The symbol of the Sacral Chakra is a beautiful six-petaled lotus, representing balance and harmony in the realm of emotions and pleasure. The circle is the symbol of cycles and refers to constant change. The moon phases symbolise infinity, and the never ending cycle of change. 🌙 ✨

When out of balance, you might experience low self-esteem, shyness, jealousy, or mood swings. It’s time to nurture your sacral energy and bring it back into alignment. 🦋🌿

manipura, the solar plexus chakra

Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Color: Yellow
  • Location: Upper abdomen
  • Qualities: Personal power, confidence, transformation
  • Associated Mudra: Hands in lap, fingers interlaced at thumbs
  • Yoga Poses: Boat Pose, Twists
  • Crystals: Citrine, Yellow Tiger Eye, Golden Calcite

🌟 Embrace the radiant energy of yellow! Located at the upper abdomen, this chakra is a powerhouse of personal power, confidence, and transformation. 🌼✨

The symbol of Manipura is a vibrant ten-petaled lotus, symbolizing the ten pranas that govern the body’s functioning. 🌸✨

When out of balance, you might experience a lack of confidence, indecision, or digestive issues. It’s time to ignite the fire within and reclaim your personal power.

Awaken your inner fire, stand tall in your authenticity, and let your confidence shine brightly.

anahata, the heart chakra

Anahata: The Heart Chakra

  • Color: Green
  • Location: Center of chest
  • Qualities: Love, compassion, connection
  • Associated Mudra: Hands crossed on chest
  • Yoga Poses: Camel Pose, Bridge Pose
  • Crystals: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite

Bask in the soothing green energy! Located at the center of your chest, this chakra is a sanctuary of love, compassion, and connection. 🌿✨

The symbol of Anahata is a twelve-petaled lotus, symbolizing love’s infinite facets and the twelve qualities of the heart. 🌸✨

When out of balance, you might feel disconnected, harbor resentment, or experience heart-related issues. It’s time to nurture your heart space and let love flow freely.

Embrace the power of love, cultivate compassion, and let your heart be a source of healing for yourself and others. 💖 💚🌸✨

vishuddha, the throat chakra

Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra

  • Color: Blue
  • Location: Throat
  • Qualities: Expression, communication, authenticity
  • Associated Mudra: Hands at heart, index fingers touching
  • Yoga Poses: Fish Pose, Shoulder Stand
  • Crystals: Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Aquamarine

Immerse yourself in Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, and let the serene blue energy flow! Nestled in the throat, this chakra is a gateway to expression, communication, and authenticity. 🎤✨

The symbol of Vishuddha is a sixteen-petaled lotus, symbolizing the sixteen vowels of the Sanskrit language and the power of articulate expression. 🌸✨

When out of balance, you might experience difficulty expressing yourself, fear of judgment, or throat-related issues. It’s time to unblock your throat energy and let your voice be heard.

Speak your truth with confidence, let your voice resonate, and express the authenticity that resides within you.

Ajna, the third eye chakra

Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra

  • Color: Indigo
  • Location: Between eyebrows
  • Qualities: Intuition, insight, spiritual awareness
  • Associated Mudra: Hands at heart, fingers intertwined
  • Yoga Poses: Child’s Pose, Downward Dog
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite

💜 Ajna, the Third Eye Chakra, embrace the mystical indigo energy! Nestled between your eyebrows, this chakra is a gateway to intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. 👁️✨

The symbol of Ajna is a two-petaled lotus, symbolizing the duality of perception and the awakening of the inner and outer worlds. 🌸✨

When out of balance, you might experience mental fog, lack of clarity, or difficulty trusting your instincts. It’s time to awaken your third eye and embrace the clarity it brings.
Trust your inner sight, let intuition be your guide, and open the doorway to higher realms of consciousness.

Sahasrara, the crown chakra

Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra

  • Color: Violet
  • Location: Top of head
  • Qualities: Connection to the universe, spirituality, higher consciousness
  • Associated Mudra: Hands resting on lap, palms facing upward
  • Yoga Poses: Headstand, Lotus Pose
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite

👑 Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra, embrace the divine violet energy! Situated at the top of your head, this chakra is your connection to the universe, spirituality, and higher consciousness. 🌟✨

The symbol of Sahasrara is a thousand-petaled lotus, symbolizing enlightenment and the infinite potential of the mind. 🌸✨

When out of balance, you might feel disconnected from spirituality, experience confusion, or struggle to find meaning in life. It’s time to open your crown to receive divine guidance and inspiration.

Surrender to the cosmic flow, embrace your connection to the divine, and let your consciousness expand beyond boundaries.

Understanding and balancing these seven chakras can lead to a harmonious life, where physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects are aligned. Through yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and mindfulness, one can embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking the true potential of body, mind, and spirit.